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title_shape_1 ABOUT DEREVA WANGU

Driving is a skill. At Dereva Wangu, we have experts taking on the wheel.

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Safe Guarantee

At Dereva Wangu, we prioritize your safety providing you with a reliable and secure driving experience.

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Dereva Wangu-Drivers

Our skilled drivers ensure your journey is both smooth and personalized for a safe and enjoyable experience.


What is special about Dereva Wangu

You do not need to hire a driver and pay for a whole month when you only require him for a day or hours only. And you can have one driver any time you want him or her to personalize your experience. Why pay for a whole month, when you can pay for hours engaged only? Think Dereva Wangu.

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    title_shape_1 Our Working Process

    Our Basic Work Process


    Select Type of Service

    Select or decide the type of driver hiring service.


    Connected with a driver

    The user contacts the provider through a phone call, a website.


    Arrive safely

    The user provides their pickup location, and preferred time of arrival.

    Pricing Plan

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    We're Hiring Drivers! Join Our Team Behind the Wheel at Dereva Wangu!
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