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About Dereva Wangu

Wherever You Need To Go We'll Take You There.

Dereva Wangu is the premier personalized drivers’ platform in Kenya. If you are looking for a personal driver for both official and private engagements, look no further. We have you covered. Those looking for private drivers or designated drivers, we got your back.

Who is Dereva Wangu

In simple, Dereva Wangu is “A professional behind the Wheel”.

title_shape_1 Who is Dereva Wangu

Who is Dereva Wangu

Our mantra is “Own a Car, live like a Royal”.
Everybody who owns a car, should enjoy luxury of having a personal or private driver to drive you along. Our personal drivers will provide you with a chauffer experience in the comfort of your own vehicle, like a Royalty. This will accord you opportunity to make phone calls, reply to emails, read or even prepare for presentations in your own car.

We know driving comes with a lot demands to observe traffic rules and be alert at all times to be safe our congested roads. Your demanding daily schedule that sees you shuttle from one town to another to attend meetings, businesses, appointments, evening classes or even social events and friends meet up is very tiresome if you are your own driver. Remember, you are required to keep answering calls, replying to sms, checking emails or even tracking your businesses remotely through your mobile device or laptop. Unless you want to become a disaster on the road, this one you cannot do while on the wheel. Doomed if you do it- you are a disaster on the road and cameras are eye hawked on you for fines. Doomed If you don’t – you loose business opportunities as well as money, has time on road becomes a waste. Save time, Make Money with Dereva Wangu. Your Personal Driver.
Save time, Make Money with Dereva Wangu. Your Personal Driver.
We're Hiring Drivers! Join Our Team Behind the Wheel at Dereva Wangu!
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